Sirius Radio Say No Signal – All You Need To Know – 2023

As with any technology, satellite radios can experience problems that annoy customers and leave them wondering why their gadget has suddenly started to display a “No Signal” message.

Your Sirius radio may say “No Signal” due to antenna issues, reception problems in obstructed areas, incorrect frequency, or ongoing updates.

This article will explore the common reasons behind this problem and provide solutions to help you get your Sirius radio back up and running.

Causes Behind Sirius Radio Say No Signal:

1. Antenna Issues:

Antenna-related issues are one of the leading causes of a “No Signal” notice on your Sirius radio. Consider the following antenna-related issues:

  • Loose Antenna Cable: The antenna cable not firmly fastened to the dash mount is loose. These connections may loosen up with time, disrupting the transmission. 
  • Antenna Damage: If your Car’s XM antenna has been used for a long time, it may have incurred wear and tear.

2. Sirius XM Reception or Obstructed Satelite Signal Problems:

Regarding SiriusXM reception, location matters, and signal reception may suffer in places surrounded by terrain impediments like trees, mountains, or hills. Additionally, signal loss can be caused by “dead zones” in isolated rural locations or obstructed surroundings like tunnels, parking garages, and areas with a lot of infrastructure, such as buildings and bridges.

Sirius XM Reception Or Obstructed Satelite Signal Problems

3. Mismatched FM Frequency:

A mismatched FM frequency may cause a “No Signal” indication and a lack of audio on your FM radio. SiriusXM radio frequently uses FM frequencies to deliver audio to your car’s radio.

4. Technical Glitches

Technical issues occasionally ruin your SiriusXM experience. Here are some typical problems to be aware of:

  • Radio Not Working: A blown amp fuse may cause your Sirius radio’s inability to operate. 
  • Messages “Updating” or “Loading”: On occasion, your XM radio may show messages such as “Updating” or “Loading.” The channel updates and routine system maintenance that these messages are a part of. 
  • Off Air Message: The “Off Air” indication often indicates that the channel you are attempting to access has not yet begun broadcasting. 

5. Radio Activation:

To get access to the satellite radio service, you must make sure the radio can correctly receive the SiriusXM signal. Without this activation, your radio can have trouble connecting to the SiriusXM network and may display the annoying “No Signal” message.

Radio Activation

6. Receiver Problems:

A “No Signal” notice on your XM radio often indicates a problem with the antenna being used to receive XM radio signals or the radio receiver itself. This notification alerts you to potential issues affecting your radio’s capacity to receive and process XM radio broadcasts.

How To Fix Sirius Radio Say No Signal?

1. Mounting Solution:

Properly mounting your antenna is crucial for optimal signal reception:

  • Sedans or Coupes: Mount the antenna on the front windscreen or above the rear window of a sedan or coupe.
  • Pickup Trucks: Place the antenna on pickup trucks over the front windscreen.
  • SUVs: Mount the antenna on the roof, assuming no obstacles exist.
  • Convertibles: You might put it on top of the front fender, the trunk lid, the front hood, or over the front windscreen.

2. Tuning In With The Right Frequency:

For uninterrupted SiriusXM reception, ensure your car radio is tuned to the right frequency and that you have chosen an active channel.

Tuning In With The Right Frequency

3. Resolve Technical Glitches:

  • Check the Amp Fuse: Find the amp fuse in your car’s box. This is typically located in the engine bay or under the dashboard. For the precise position, consult the owner’s manual for your car.
  • Avoid Interrupting: During these upgrades, avoid attempting to reset or switch off your radio because doing so could interfere with the process. Wait until the notification is no longer present and your radio starts up typically.
  • Wait for Broadcast: The channel you are attempting to view has not yet started airing programming if you see the “Off Air” notice. Patience is your biggest ally in this situation. Please wait for the channel to begin airing; once it does, the message will disappear.

4. SiriusXM Refresh Signal:

If all else fails, request a signal refresh:

  • By Phone: To reset your Sirius radio, call 697-3373 or 888-5397-474 and follow the prompts.
  • Online: Visit the SiriusXM website and adhere to the directions for the online refresh. Before asking for a reset, be prepared with your radio ID.

5. Activate Radio:

Typically, you must follow SiriusXM’s detailed instructions to activate your radio. The Electronic Serial Number (ESN) that links your radio to your SiriusXM membership account must frequently be entered into their activation page as part of this process. 

6. Resolve Receiver Problems:

If the antenna system is in good working order, but the “No Signal” notice still appears, there may be a problem with the XM receiver. Dealer assistance is necessary to replace the XM receiver.

Resolve Receiver Problems

The old receiver must be deactivated before the dealer can activate the new replacement. This procedure guarantees that the new receiver is connected to your subscription and can adequately receive the XM signal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Do I Reset My Sirius Radio Signal?

Ensure the car is outside with a clear sky view and that the radio is on. Open the app and enable location services for the best results. Select “Scan VIN,” scan the barcode for the VIN, and then select “Send refresh signal now.” The radio ID may also be manually entered.

2. Where Is The Siriusxm Antenna Located?

The antenna—often the magnetic mount antenna—should be positioned outside your car towards a clear sky to maximize signal reception.

3. Why Is My Siriusxm Radio Not Working In My Car?

Many issues can be resolved by simultaneously holding down the mute and tune buttons until the radio restarts. Holding down the hot and cold temperature buttons simultaneously until an engineering menu appears will do a factory reset; this process takes roughly 30 seconds. Next, select the reset radio option by scrolling to it.

4. How Do I Sync My Sirius To My Car?

Enter the Online Account Centre, click Get another subscription, choose car + Streaming, and follow the instructions on-screen. It is quick and straightforward, and your trial will be recovered. Please take note that your new vehicle needs the Radio ID.


Your Sirius radio’s “No Signal” notification need not prevent you from enjoying some music. You can troubleshoot and fix the problem independently if you know the possible causes and remedies in this article. You can restore uninterrupted access to your preferred SiriusXM programming by assuring a secure antenna connection, enhancing signal reception, selecting the correct frequency, or requesting a signal refresh.

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