Car Radio Keeps Switching From AUX To Radio – Fix In 2024

A frustrating and common problem for many drivers is a car stereo system that frequently switches between the aux and radio. This issue could occur while playing music from an external device, like a phone or MP3 player, or car stereo system with the aux audio input on the car’s audio system.

Why Car radio keeps switching from Bluetooth to radio? Possible reasons include loose connections, frayed cables, interference from other electrical devices, and faulty audio jack or Bluetooth receiver.

Stay with us; this article looks at potential reasons for car aux radio issues and various solutions to this problem.

Causes Of Car Radio Switching From AUX To Radio:

Here are some possible causes of car radio switching from AUX to the radio.

1. Loose Connections:

Why does my aux keep switching to the radio? Loose connections are a significant reason a car stereo system switches from radio to aux. You likely have a loose connection inside the radio head or control panel. Many things can contribute to this issue, like a faulty Auxiliary cable or a loose connection between the aux port and the car’s audio system. Most likely if the socket is loose the contact connection or the wiring is connected to it.

Loose Connections

In some instances, if the connection drops, the radio may revert to radio mode, stopping the music from playing.

2. Radio Interference:

Why does my aux keep switching to radio? Radio interference is another potential cause of the issue. The automobile radio switches from AUX to radio mode when the antenna picks up signals from other radio stations or devices.

While driving in locations with weak radio signals or close to electronic devices that produce electromagnetic waves, such as cellphones and laptops, this issue is more likely to occur.

3. Damaged AUX Cable:

Why does my aux keep cutting out? A broken AUX cable may be caused if the car radio repeatedly switches between radio and auxiliary modes. Wear and tear, accidental harm, or exposure to excessively high or low temperatures are all potential causes.

Damaged AUX Cable

When the RCA cable is pushed or roughed up, an intermittent connection caused by a damaged Auxiliary cable may cause the radio to switch to radio mode.

4. Bluetooth Receiver:

Possibly a bad Bluetooth receiver having intermittent problems. A faulty Bluetooth receiver with infrequent issues is another potential reason for a car radio with an aux that repeatedly switches between the AUX and radio modes. This issue could occur if the Bluetooth connection between the device—such as an iPod—and the vehicle’s audio system is weak or unreliable.

Bluetooth Receiver

When this occurs, the head unit can believe the device has been removed and switch to the most recently listened-to FM frequency station.

5. Faulty Audio System:

Aux only car stereo? If the audio jack isn’t working correctly, the automobile radio may switch from car stereo with aux audio or mode. It can result from an audio system’s software or hardware problem, such as a damaged audio jack or an audio control panel. In these situations, the radio can suddenly return to radio mode.

6. Automatic Station Switching Feature:

A feature of some car audio systems or car radio with aux automatically searches for available stations and switches to the one with the strongest signal. It can detect and switch to other signals even if you’re on other channels or utilizing your Aux connection.

Therefore, if this option is turned on, the aux car stereo system may change channels and interfere with your transmission signals.

7. Incompatibility with the Audio Device:

Even though this issue is not very common, it may cause people switching problems. Your car radio may malfunction if you utilize unsupported gadgets with it.

People have occasionally mentioned running into this problem with their phones and iPods. Due to mismatched devices, you may also experience a similar aux-to-radio switching problem or .

Solutions For Car Radio Switching From AUX To Radio:

How To Fix Car Radio Switching From AUX To Radio? Some solutions for car radio switching from AUX to radio are described below:

1. Check The Connections:

Checking the connections between the AUX wire and the car’s audio system is one of the simplest ways to solve the issue. So, ensure the audio jack and the device’s audio output are securely connected to the Auxiliary cable. Replace the cable with a new one if it is damaged or weak.

2. Check For Radio Interference:

To solve the radio interference issue, try switching the car radio’s FM frequency to a less crowded station. Alternatively, you might avoid electrical gadgets like computers and cell phones that produce electromagnetic waves.

Interference can occasionally be reduced by utilizing a shielded AUX wire or installing an external antenna on the car radio.

3. Replace The AUX Cable:

If a damaged AUX cable causes the problem, replace it with a new one. When choosing an AUX cable, select a high-quality RCA cable with shielding to prevent interference and ensure a stable connection.

AUX Cable

How to fix aux port in car?

  • Verify that the audio input device, such as your phone, is operating correctly. If possible, you might wish to test the aux with another audio input device, such as your computer.
  • Attempt switching out the aux cable.
  • To clear out the aux port, use a can of compressed air.
  • To clean out the aux port, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

If none of the above solutions work, you should take the issue to a mechanic or audio shop to have it addressed before you go for your trip. A trained professional should ideally perform the hard task of repairing or replacing the aux port.

4. Check Bluetooth Receiver:

Car radio with aux and Bluetooth? The Bluetooth connection between the device and the car’s audio system needs to be checked as a solution. Ensure the Bluetooth settings are set up correctly on the device and the vehicle.

 Bluetooth Receiver

Ensure that the device is within the audio system’s range in the car. If the issue doesn’t disappear, getting the Bluetooth receiver replaced or serviced by an expert could be required.

Auxiliary not working in car? Verify that the input device, such as your phone, is operating correctly. If possible, you might wish to test the aux with another input device, such as your computer. Attempt switching out the aux cable. To clear out the aux port, use a can of compressed air.

5. Move other Devices away from the Radio:

The interference caused by many electronic items near your car radio might be rather bad. As you may already know, most electronic products have radio and transmission wave capabilities.

6. Check The Audio System:

If the car radio keeps switching from AUX to radio mode due to a faulty audio system, it may require professional help to fix the problem. Bring your vehicle to a qualified mechanic or audio technician who can diagnose and repair the audio system’s hardware or software.

 Audio System

Because of this, switching your AUX station to the radio is straightforward in your automobile. You can avoid that by not carrying too many electronics in front of your car.

7. Check the Docking Connector:

You might need to examine your docking port if you use Apple gadgets (such as the iPod or iPhone) in your automobile. Radio switching is unaffected by the absence of an illumination wire on the car radio but is affected by the presence of a docking connector.

Source: Te Connectivity

Ensure the connector transmits audio when the gadget is connected to your automobile rather than just charging it. Your radio won’t be impacted if it’s in charging mode. Your connection will suffer if your docking connector is dirty or broken, though. As a result, you can continually switch from AUX to radio on your radio.

8. Replace Weak or Damaged Antenna:

Although the outcomes of this troubleshooting may seem ambiguous at first, they might be somewhat surprising. The antenna captures the entire signal from your car radio and transmits it to other devices, and vice versa.

Source: crutchfield

Now that your car radio antenna is broken, it will undoubtedly impair how the AUX input-output functions, primarily due to the close ties between these linkages. Therefore, if possible, replace your broken antenna.

Why Does My Car Radio Keep Changing Stations?

Your car radio might change channels due to a damaged antenna, TRAF button interference, or electrical disturbance from other devices. To fix it, consider replacing the antenna, adjusting settings, or relocating electronics. If unsure, seek professional help.


1. Why Is My Radio Keeping Changing Stations By Itself?

Car radio may change channels due to interference from electronics or stations, wrong tuner settings, or software errors.

2. How Do I Fix The AUX Input In My Car Stereo?

To fix car stereo AUX input:

  1. Check cable connection for damage.
  2. Replace if needed.
  3. Ensure car stereo settings are configured for AUX input.

3. Why Does My AUX Cord Keep Going In And Out?

Why does my aux cord keep cutting out? AUX cord issues can stem from a loose or damaged connection, or a dirty or broken port. Fix by replacing the cord or cleaning the port.

4. Why Does My Car Audio Keep Cutting Out?

Car audio may keep cutting out for several reasons, including loose connections, damaged wiring or speakers, faulty amplifiers, or problems with the car’s battery or alternator. Checking and repairing any damaged or defective parts can often resolve the issue.

5. Can A Faulty Battery Cause My Car Radio To Switch From AUX To Radio?

A weak or failing battery could result in electrical problems with the car’s systems. If you suspect this is the case, you might need to have your battery examined and, if required, replaced. Your car radio may switch from aux to radio for other reasons, so looking into all potential causes is crucial.

6. Is It Safe To Continue Driving If My Car Radio Keeps Switching From AUX To Radio?

Even though it doesn’t risk your safety, having your music cut off frequently can be annoying. It is advised to address the problem immediately to stop it from worsening or harming your car’s audio system.


In conclusion, a car radio that keeps switching from AUX to radio mode can be a frustrating problem for drivers. Loose connections, radio interference, a faulty audio system, or a damaged AUX cable can cause the issue.

Fortunately, there are solutions to fix the problem, such as checking the connections, avoiding radio interference, checking the audio system, or replacing the AUX cable. Following these solutions, drivers can enjoy uninterrupted music and a more pleasant driving experience.

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