Car Radio Screen Flickering – 9 Easy Fixes [Updated 2023]

Many drivers have reported experiencing joying screen flickering on their car radio display screens, which can be distracting and potentially dangerous while driving. The car radio and Android head unit screen flickering can occur irregularly or constantly. It may be followed by other problems, such as loss of audio or touch working.

It can be caused by a weak battery, faulty alternator, other electrical issues, Loose wiring, fuse problems, aftermarket screens, overheating, physical damage, and a new software update are the leading causes of this problem.

This article will explore the causes of Android head unit screen flickering and how to fix it.

Causes Of Car Radio Screen Flickering:

There are several causes of a car radio screen turning on and off repeatedly, ranging from simple electrical problems to more complex issues with the radio’s hardware or software.

1. Loose Wiring:

Loose wiring is one of the most common causes of infotainment screen flickering on and off. The wires that connect the radio to the car’s electrical system can come loose over time due to vibrations and bumps. It can cause the radio screen to flicker, especially when the car is in motion.

Loose Wiring

2. Fuse Problems:

Radio lights flickering? Car radio screens are powered by fuses that protect the system from electrical overload. When the fuse blows out, the car display flickering becomes dim, or does not turn on at all. Fuse issues frequently occur when a car has an aftermarket device, like a subwoofer or amplifier.

The added features can cause the android head unit overheating and overload, resulting in a blown fuse.

3. Aftermarket Screens:

Why is my car radio glitching? Some car owners may replace their original radio screens with aftermarket ones. These screens might not work with the car’s electrical system, making the new radio flickering on and off. Additionally, some aftermarket joying screens may be of a different quality than the original, leading to a lower overall user experience.

Aftermarket Screens

4. Faulty Alternator:

Why is my radio glitching? Another common cause of car screen flickering is a faulty alternator. The alternator powers the radio and other electrical components of the automobile. The radio screen may flicker if the alternator is malfunctioning.

5. Battery Problems:

Why is my car screen glitching? The radio screen may flicker if the car battery isn’t operating correctly. A weak or dead battery cannot provide enough power to the radio, causing the screen to flicker.

Battery Problems

6. Overheating:

Car radio blinking on and off if the unit is overheating. It can happen if the car is parked in direct sunlight or the radio is used for an extended period. Overheating can cause the radio to shut down or even cause permanent damage. The screen may flicker if the amplifier unit or the car stereo screen behind it overheats. Insufficient ventilation or prolonged use might result in overheating.

7. Physical Damage:

Why is my car radio flickering? Physical damage is another common cause of car radio flashing on and off. An impact from a hard object, scratches, or cracks can cause damage to the screen.

8. New Software Update:

Car manufacturers regularly release software updates for car radio screens to improve performance, add new features, and fix bugs. But occasionally, these upgrades might result in screen problems like flickering or non-operation.

 New Software Update
source:BMW blog

Dirty Connectors:

If you’re experiencing intermittent flashing on your car stereo, it could be due to dirty connectors or issues with the memory of the car stereo system caused by power fluctuations.

Note: Always refer to your specific car stereo model’s operating instructions, as manuals can often be found on the manufacturer’s support page. Additionally, ensure your safety by following these steps with the engine off and the key removed from the ignition switch.

Solutions For Car Radio Screen Flickering:

By identifying the cause of the problem and taking the appropriate steps to address it, drivers can restore their car radio screens to full functionality.

1. Tighten The Wiring:

If the cause of the radio screen flickering is loose wiring, the first step is to tighten the connections. Check the wiring connections behind the radio and ensure they are securely in place. If the links are loose, tighten them with a screwdriver.

 Tighten The Wiring

2. Check Fuse:

You must swap out the blown fuse for a new one with the same wattage as the old one and verify consistent power to resolve this problem. It is also recommended to avoid installing aftermarket parts that could cause the fuse to blow.

3. Check Aftermarket Screen:

It is advised to swap out your aftermarket screen for an original screen if you installed one and are having problems. Make sure the aftermarket screen is of excellent quality and is compatible with your vehicle’s electrical system if you must use one.

Check Aftermarket Screen
source:electronics hub

4. Check The Alternator:

If the flickering continues, it may be due to a faulty alternator. Take the car to a mechanic to have the alternator checked. If it is defective, it will need to be replaced.

5. Check The Battery:

The screen will flicker if the battery is weak or dead since it won’t supply enough power to the radio. Replace the battery or have it checked by a mechanic to ensure it works correctly.

Check The Battery
source:start rescue

6. Reduce Overheating:

Improve Ventilation: Parking the car in a covered place, reducing sunlight exposure with a parasol or tinted windows, and avoiding prolonged radio listening are all ways to minimize overheating.

7. Replace Screen:

If the screen is physically damaged, it will need to be replaced. You can take your car to a certified repair center to have the screen replaced. Protecting the screen by using a screen protector and avoiding placing complex objects near the screen is also recommended.

Replace Screen
source:best car audio

8. Reset The System:

You can try resetting the system by unplugging the battery for a short while if you recently upgraded the software in your car and are having problems. Take your car to a reputable repair facility to get the software problem corrected if this doesn’t work.

9. Clean The Connectors:

  1. Open the front panel of your car stereo.
  2. Carefully detach the front panel from the car stereo receiver.
  3. Using a cotton swab lightly dipped (not soaked) in alcohol, clean the connectors on the front of the main unit and on the back of the front panel. Be gentle and avoid applying excessive force.
  4. Wait for approximately 2 minutes before reattaching the front panel.

Note: You can find more detailed information on cleaning connectors in the manual that came with your car stereo.

Resetting the Unit:

  1. Press and hold the OFF button for a few seconds. Note: On certain models, this action may toggle the display on and off.
  2. Press the RESET button using a pointed object, like a ballpoint pen. Please be aware that this will reset the clock settings and may erase some stored contents.

Checking for Dimmer Setting:

Check if your car stereo has a dimmer setting that could be disabling the display intermittently. If this setting is enabled, make sure to turn it off.

    By following these steps, you can address issues related to intermittent flashing on your car stereo. Always consult your specific car stereo’s manual for precise instructions and additional information.

    Quick Fix Method for Stereo Display Blinking:

    Here’s a quick and effective way to stop your car stereo display from flickering:

    1. Carefully remove the stereo unit from your car.
    2. Check and securely fasten any loosely connected wires in the circuit. Sometimes, you may need to replace a burnt-out fuse. These fuses are usually affordable, and you might even get a fuse holder for free.

    Quick Fix of Car Radio Screen Flickering And Glitching

    Hacks to Solve Your Car Stereo Display Flickering:

    Before you start troubleshooting, prioritize safety:

    • Turn off your car’s engine and remove the keys from the ignition switch.
    • Be cautious when working with active cords and sockets to avoid electric shocks.

    Now, let’s get started:

    1. Glove Box Access: Many car stereos have an adjacent glove box that simplifies pulling out the unit. Use a radio removal tool, a pin, or your car keys to release the stereo by inserting them in both corners and gently pulling it out.
    2. Check Power and Memory Lines: Examine the power and memory lines with a flashlight to ensure they are properly connected to the back of your stereo. Typically, the red wire is for power, and the yellow one is for memory. Replace any damaged wires.
    3. Inspect Radio Amp and Illumination Wire: If fixing the power and memory cords doesn’t solve the issue, check the fuse box for the radio amp lines. Also, examine the illumination wire for loose connections. If necessary, reconnect the wires using wire twist caps.
    4. Stereo Socket Examination: Inspect the stereo socket for loose wires, particularly the memory line. Tighten any loose wires using a screwdriver.
    5. Ground Wire Check: Verify that the ground wire (usually black) is securely connected. Use a screwdriver to ensure a tight connection.
    6. Demo Mode (for Manual Stereos): If you have a manual stereo, scroll through the menu until you find a “demo mode.” Turn it off and return to the home screen to check if the flickering stops.
    7. Dimmer and LCD Connectors: Verify the dimmer’s functionality and the condition of your LCD connectors. Make sure everything is properly aligned and connected.

    After tightening wires and ensuring proper connections, turn your car on to check if the flickering has ceased.


    1. Will A Flickering Car Stereo Screen Drain My Car Battery?

    Yes, a flickering car radio screen will significantly drain your car’s battery. However, it is still essential to address the issue as it could indicate a more significant electrical problem. If left unresolved, it could drain your car’s battery over time.

    2. Is It Safe To Use My Car Radio When The Screen Is Flickering?

    Yes, using your car radio when the screen is flickering is safe. However, addressing the issue as soon as possible is essential to prevent any potential safety hazards or more significant electrical problems.

    3. Can I Still Listen To Music On My Car Radio If The Screen Is Flickering?

    Yes, you may continue to play music through your car’s radio despite a flickering screen. The screen is unnecessary for the radio’s operation, and you should still be able to navigate your presets and settings.


    Car radio screen flickering can be a frustrating problem for drivers, but it is usually easily fixed. Loose wiring, blown fuses, aftermarket replacements, faulty alternators, battery problems, and overheating are the most common causes of car radio screen flickering. You may find the flickering source and solve the issue quickly using the preceding techniques.

    If the issue persists, it is best to take the car to a mechanic to diagnose and repair it. With a fully functional car radio, drivers and passengers can enjoy their favorite tunes and stay informed during long drives.

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