Radio Cuts Out When Accelerating – Detailed Fixes In 2023

When the radio cuts out or displays static as you accelerate, it can annoy drivers. This is a prevalent issue that various factors can cause.

Car cuts out when accelerating? Damaged Power wires, electrical interference, loose or damaged antenna, weak radio signals, and faulty radio unit are the most common causes of stereo cuts off during acceleration.

In this article, we will explore some of the common reasons behind radio cuts off during acceleration and discuss solutions to resolve the problem.

Causes of Car Radio Cuts Off When Accelerating:

Why does my radio turn off while driving? Car Radio cuts off when accelerating due to many reasons. Let’s explore one by one with the help of drivers to detect the cause of this issue quickly why does my radio keep turning off while driving?

1. Power and Ground Wires:

Radio cuts off while driving? The most frequent cause of radio cuts out while driving is a wiring issue, more specifically, one involving the audio system’s power and ground connections. A loose, broken, or improperly connected set of power or ground wires might cause the radio to receive intermittent power, breaking the transmission. So, car radio turns off and on while driving.

Power and Ground Wires
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2. Electrical Interference:

The radio cuts out when accelerating, then stops. Electrical interference is the second main reason for radio cuts during acceleration. A rotating engine can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI), preventing radio communication. Spark plugs, ignition systems, and poorly insulated electrical parts of the car can all cause interference. So, radio goes in and out while driving.

3. Loose or Damaged Antenna:

Why does my radio keep turning off while driving? An antenna that is loose or broken is another frequent cause of radio troubles when moving at high speeds. When the car moves, receiving the signal may be intermittent if the antenna connection is loose or rusted. So, car radio turns off when engine starts.

Loose or Damaged Antenna
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4. Weak Radio Signal:

Radio turns off while driving? Weak signals can sometimes cause radio cuts, especially when travelling in rural areas or areas with low coverage. Signal loss can result from this problem being compounded by the acceleration. That’s why, engine cuts out when accelerating hard.

5. Faulty Radio Unit:

My car radio turns off while driving? In rare situations, a faulty radio device may cause intermittent signal loss or poor performance when accelerating. In older or worn-out devices, this occurs more frequently. So, radio turned off while driving.

Faulty Radio Unit
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How to Fix Car Radio Cuts Off When Accelerating?

Car radio shuts off while driving? Fixing the car stereo cuts off when accelerating is crucial for operating the stereo properly. Following are some fixes you can try to resolve the issue.

1. Address Wiring Issues:

Solution: To address wiring-related issues, consider the following steps:

Address Wiring Issues
  • Examine the Power Wires
  • Verify the connection of the power cable to the radio device. Ensure the battery or suitable power source, such as the fuse box, is securely connected.
  • Look for any point of damage, such as curling or exposed wires, on the power cable. Replace the wire with a new one if there is a point of damage.
  • Ensure the power cable is adequately insulated and avoid metal objects that might create a short circuit.
  • Verify the ground wire:
  • Find the ground wire, often attached to the car’s chassis.
  • Ensure the ground wire is firmly fastened to a spot of clean, unpainted metal on the car’s frame. It makes a solid electrical connection possible.
  • Clean the grounding point if required since corrosion or debris might make the ground connection less effective.

2. Fix Electrical Interference:

You may address electrical interference by doing the following steps:

  • Ensure that all the spark plugs are in excellent operating order.
  • Look for wear or failure in the ignition system, and replace any defective parts.
  • Check your car’s grounding connections since inadequate grounding might cause electrical interference. Ensure that the connections are secure and spotless.

3. Resolve Antenna Problems:

Take the following actions to tackle antenna-related problems:

 Resolve Antenna Problems
  • Please verify that the antenna connector on the radio unit’s rear is tightly fastened by looking at it.
  • Replace the antenna with a new one if it has been damaged or corrupted.
  • Make sure the antenna base is clean and securely grounded.

4. Reduce Weak Signals Problems:

To minimize weak signal problems, try the following:

  • Change to a more robust radio station or look for a nearby station with a stronger signal.
  • Consider adding a signal booster or an extra antenna to enhance reception.
Seek Help from Professional Mechanic


1. Why does my stereo shut off when too loud?

The installation can be flawed if turning up the volume causes the car audio or amplifier to switch off. This usually occurs when the ground wire is connected incorrectly. However, it could also occur if too many speakers are connected to an amplifier, overloading it.

2. Can a bad battery cause the radio to not work?

A car radio not working can be caused by a dead battery or a jump start, but it is a coincidence. If your automobile radio stops operating after a battery charge or a jump start, the issue may be connected to an anti-theft feature on the radio.

3. Why does my radio keep turning off while driving?

It might be because of one of the following factors:

  • A malfunctioning alternator
  • Blown a fuse
  • Loose or corroded battery connection
  • Power interruption.
  • A problem with the radio’s hardware, such as overheating or a bug in the software.

4. Why My Car stereo cuts out when the engine is running?

This issue is mainly caused by five things: lousy ground or a ground shared with other devices; USB cable is located close or over the ignition, tachometer, or high current wiring; radio voltage is unstable; HEI or MSD aftermarket ignition systems can interfere with radio waves; old wiring.

5. Why does my radio turn off when I start my engine?

Ensure that other electrical systems are turned off when the ignition switch is turned on and that the battery has the maximum accessible power (“cranking amps”). It applies to the radio, lighting, displays, and so on.


When experiencing radio cuts or static when accelerating might be annoying, it’s frequently fixable with the correct troubleshooting techniques. You may restore the audio quality and have uninterrupted radio reception while driving by taking care of probable causes such as electrical interference, antenna problems, weak signals, or a malfunctioning radio device. Getting assistance from an experienced automotive mechanic who can correctly identify the issue and give suitable fixes if you need help solving the problem is advised.

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