Car Battery Doesn’t Fit in Tray – How To Fit This In 2024

I recently faced a challenge when installing a new car battery – it just didn’t seem to fit properly in the tray. It was a bit frustrating, but I persevered and found a solution. In my experience, I realized that drivers like you might encounter similar issues, so I wanted to share how I resolved it and offer some guidance.

Car Battery Doesn’t Fit in Tray: What To Do? (Short Answer)

The car battery does not fit in the tray due to incorrect battery size, variations in the battery tray size, and differences in the tray design. You can use Spacers, adapters, rubber pipes, retaching straps, use zip ties, drill holes, and carriage bolts.

In this article, let’s delve into the reasons behind this common issue and explore the steps I took to resolve it. I hope sharing my experience can help you troubleshoot and overcome similar challenges.

What Causes A Car Battery Not To Fit In The Tray?

When I encountered the frustrating situation of a new car battery not fitting into the tray, I delved into the possible causes to understand and resolve the issue. Here’s what I discovered:

What Causes A Car Battery Not To Fit  In The Tray

1. Incorrect Battery Size:

The wrong size battery in the car, the battery size needs to be adjusted, which is one of the most frequent causes of a battery not fitting in the tray. Car makers specify the size of the battery that is compatible with the vehicle. Therefore, checking the battery size before purchasing a new battery is essential.

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2. Battery Tray Size Variation:

Another reason a battery may not fit in the tray is variations in the battery tray size. This variation can occur due to changes in the car’s design or production process. In some cases, car owners may modify the car’s battery tray to fit a larger battery.

Battery Tray Size Variation:

3. Tray Design Differences:

Car Battery trays can have different designs and even be the same size. As an illustration, some battery trays may include chains or brackets to secure the battery, while others may have a tray with a lip that secures the battery. These design differences can make it difficult for a battery to fit in the tray.

How To Fix A Car Battery That Does Not Fit In The Tray? 

If you find yourself dealing with a car battery that doesn’t fit into the tray, don’t worry – it’s a common issue, and there are several steps you can take to fix it. Here’s a personalized guide based on my experience:

How To Fix A Car Battery That Does Not Fit In The Tray?

1. Check the Battery Size:

The first step you should follow is to check the battery’s size. In my case, I initially overlooked this step, and it turned out the battery I purchased was slightly larger than what my car required.

Make sure the battery is the appropriate size for the car. Replace the battery with the proper size if the size has to be adjusted.

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2. Modify The Car Battery Tray:

You might need to swap out the battery tray if your battery size is accurate, but it still doesn’t fit in the tray. Firstly, sanding down the corners of the tray can solve the issue. Secondly, you could consider adding extra welding brackets to the tray, which is a more complex solution.

These modifications will produce a precise and reliable fit between the battery and the tray, guaranteeing the battery’s stability and secure operation.

Modify The Battery Tray:

3. Use Spacers Or Adapters:

Car battery too big for tray? Spacers or adapters are sometimes necessary to fit the battery in the tray. If the battery still does not fit in the tray, even after changing it, spacers can be used to provide proper fitting. Small bits of metal or plastic that fit easily between the battery and the tray are called spacers.

Source: customwheeladapters

They fill gaps and provide a secure fit, ensuring the battery stays in place and operates safely. Adapters are similar to spacers, but they are specifically designed to fit the battery and the tray.

4. Use Rubber Pipes:

To prevent freezing, the pipe covers used on residential water pipes would work well for automotive batteries. These foldable components are commonly found at hardware stores and are accessible in separate pieces. The covers are intended to act as spacers in the battery tray to secure the battery.

Source: eBay

Smallen these components to hold the battery on each side of the tray without letting it slide due to size differences. The primary battery should be secured to the tray with a nut using a threaded battery clamp rod.

5. Use Ratcheting Straps:

Ratcheting straps securely place large objects, such as a vehicle battery, on a tray. These effectively serve as tie-down straps to control where smaller or bigger batteries are placed in the battery tray of the automobile.

Source: coastalcountry

But it’s crucial to note that this should only be done as a last option. To prevent any form of internal damage, try to pick the proper battery size. Use the extra hardware to make it fit in the tray rather than as a long-term solution.

6. Use Zip Ties:

Car battery loose in tray? What To Do? Zip ties can save the day, just like any other household trick. Bring out the zip ties if you have located a new battery that is the wrong size but still can’t keep it in the tray.

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These can assist in connecting the battery to the terminal and maintaining its position, eliminating the risk of causing any long-term harm.

7. Drill Holes And Use Carriage Bolts:

Sometimes you need to make a few additional adjustments to the fundamental arrangement to get the battery to fit in the tray. Attempt drilling carriage bolts at the bottom of the battery tray, then attempt to strap the bolts to the battery.

Source: blogproautomotive

Drilling the tray should only be done carefully since failure might result in harm. Additionally, you can paint the battery tray with corrosion-resistant paint to ensure that it maintains its good condition over time.

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8. Replace The Battery Tray:

If changing the battery tray is not an option, it could be essential to replace it. Although this approach is frequently expensive, it also has the best results. You can buy new battery trays from auto parts retailers or online.

Replace The Battery Tray:

Is the car battery too small for tray? What To D?

It is possible to deal with the issue where the automobile battery is too small for the tray. Battery spacer kits are available at auto parts stores and can be a practical solution for a battery that is slightly undersized. These kits usually include plastic or rubber spacers that you can place around the battery to ensure a snug fit within the tray.

What Battery Fits My Car?

What size battery for my car? There are various methods to determine what size battery fits my car.

  • The automobile or truck’s owner’s manual may have a battery section.
  • If you can’t find the owner’s handbook, check your current battery to see what BCI Group Size is already there. On the battery, the Group Size is marked in numerous locations, usually on the front, top, or side of the battery.
  • You may check the required group size using any of the reference tools that are accessible online.
  • Shop Batteries Plus’ assortment of automobile batteries. We will show you all the battery alternatives available for your vehicle when you choose the car or truck’s year, make, model, and trim.

What happens if you put the wrong size battery in your car? Using the incorrect size battery could result in power spikes that could harm the onboard computers or other components by altering the way electrical currents flow.

Why Having the Wrong Size Battery Can Be Dangerous?

Think about a clock’s battery. The battery is positioned in a specified tray, which allows the clock to function as intended. The clock will not function if the battery escapes from the tray, and the battery might also harm other components.

Similarly, the negative and positive terminals of a car battery must be properly linked, and the battery must be safely positioned in the authorized battery tray. Since the car is intended to move, its interior components must likewise be in motion.

Your battery will accidentally damage itself if it is misplaced or loose on the tray and runs into other components.

Source: carsandtruckscostless

1. How Can I Ensure I Purchase The Correct Battery Size For My Vehicle?

The makers will specify the size of the battery that is compatible with your vehicle. It will ensure a proper fit in the battery tray. Following the maker’s specifications can help avoid issues with the battery not fitting correctly in the tray.

2. What Should I Do If The Battery Size Is Correct But Still Does Not Fit In The Tray?

Firstly, you could modify the tray by sanding down its corners or welding additional brackets to it. Secondly, spacers and adapters can fill gaps between the battery and the tray. Both options can provide a safe and secure fit, ensuring the battery stays in place and operates safely.

3. Can I Modify The Battery Tray, Or Should I Have It Done Professionally?

Both Yes and No, Depending on the nature of the changes, it may be possible to modify the battery tray yourself. However, if you require further explanation, seeking professional guidance is vital.

4. Is It Safe To Use A Battery That Does Not Fit In The Tray?

No, Using a battery that does not fit properly in the tray can be dangerous. It can damage the battery or the vehicle. The connections, cables, or other vehicle components could be harmed if the battery shifts or comes free.

5. What If You Put Too Big Of A Battery In A Car?

A car’s battery size issue can harm the battery itself and begin to alter electrical current flow; this change in the electrical current then damages the car’s system and related components.

6. How To Secure A Car Battery?

How to fit a car battery? The replacement battery should be inserted into the battery hold-down tray and clamped down. Spray anti-corrosion solution on both terminal ends. The positive battery cable (Red) should be attached and secured. The black negative battery wire should be connected and tightened.

7. can I use a smaller battery in my car?

A tiny battery size might make your car’s engine work harder than it has to, in addition to reducing the alternator’s lifespan. Consequently, there is an increase in gasoline usage. Even for short trips, you might find yourself paying more money on gas than normal.

8. Do I need the plastic tray under a car battery?

For a sealed AGM battery, which minimizes leakage, the plastic tray under the car battery may be optional. Check the battery type and vehicle manual for specific recommendations on usage.

9. Why is there a plastic cover on my car battery?

The plastic cover on a car battery, made from PVC, rubber, or plastic, safeguards the terminals from damage and short circuits. Color-coded (red for positive, black for negative), it aids in terminal identification for safety and prevention of electrical issues.

10. Does a car battery have to be an exact fit?

Yes, the size of a car battery does matter. While some compatible options may exist, like Group Size 26R and 35, finding a match with the exact physical dimensions and amp-hours is crucial for optimal performance in your vehicle.


When I faced the issue of my car battery not fitting securely into the tray, it became clear that taking the right actions was crucial to prevent potential problems. So, I embarked on a personalized approach to ensure the accurate size of the battery and fix the issue. It is crucial to take the right actions to ensure the battery size is accurate to fix this problem. Therefore, measure the battery’s size and compare it to the tray’s specs.

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