Car Battery Died With Interlock – Easy Way To Fix It – 2024

I experienced a challenging situation when my car battery unexpectedly died, triggering the interlock device. Despite protective measures, like the interlock system, issues can arise.

Car battery died with interlock (Short Answer)

You should first try charging or jump-starting the battery to check if the issue still exists. If it doesn’t, the battery was likely low when you activated the interlock, and it may have just used up all of its power.

In sharing my insights, I aim to clarify the potential causes behind a car battery dying with an interlock and provide instructions on diagnosing and resolving the issue.

ignition interlock electrical problems:

Experiencing electrical problems with an ignition interlock system can pose various challenges. Some common issues include:

1. Power Supply Issues:

Interruptions or fluctuations in the power supply can lead to malfunctions in the ignition interlock system. This may result from a weak battery, loose connections, or problems with the vehicle’s electrical system.

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2. Faulty Wiring:

Issues with the wiring connecting the ignition interlock components can cause electrical problems. Damaged or frayed wires may disrupt the communication between the breathalyzer unit and the vehicle’s ignition system.

3. Sensor Malfunctions:

The accuracy of the breathalyzer sensor is crucial for proper functioning. Malfunctions in the sensor, such as calibration errors or contamination, can lead to incorrect readings and difficulties starting the vehicle.

4. Interlock Unit Failure:

Over time, the internal components of the ignition interlock unit can wear out or fail, resulting in electrical issues. This may include problems with the control board, microprocessors, or other electronic components.

Understanding The Role Of Interlock Mechanisms

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Can a Car Battery Die with Interlock?

No, a car battery can’t die with a car interlock. Like all other automotive accessories, the car interlock consumes power and electricity from the battery. Still, unlike other accessories, the interlock’s electricity draw is minimal, so the battery’s impact may not even be noticeable.

If, by chance, your automobile battery fails while the interlock is set up or in use, it might not be related in the least to the interlock. As a result of the dead battery that is supposed to power the interlock, it will also not function.

Possible Reasons Why Car Battery Dies With Interlock:

1. Overcharging:

Intoxalock battery dead? Significant factor in dying automobile batteries is overcharging. As indicated, if you keep your car running for an extended period, the battery will be depleted.


Consequently, you want to avoid leaving your car alone. Additionally, it would be beneficial to charge your car battery after using it for a specified time.

2. Overheat:

It is usual for the battery to overheat and discharge after a long drive. The electrolyte inside a battery begins to oxidize at too-high temperatures, which causes the battery to swell.

The circuit is shorted due to the terminals coming into contact. Avoid leaving the engine running for a long time to avoid this issue. When the engine is off, shut off the air conditioning vents.

3. Faulty Wiring:

The interlock system might occasionally fail due to poor wiring. Examine the fuses and relays to determine if the wiring has to be repaired. Verify the cables’ resistance, continuity, and voltage level.

Faulty Wiring

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4. Bad Contact:

The interlock system might occasionally fail due to poor wiring. Examine the fuses and relays to determine if the wiring has to be repaired. Verify the cables’ resistance, continuity, and voltage level.

5. Improper Maintenance:

The interlock system might occasionally fail due to poor wiring. Examine the fuses and relays to determine if the wiring has to be repaired. Verify the cables’ resistance, continuity, and voltage level.

 Improper Maintenance

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6. Low-Quality Batteries:

Another significant factor in dead batteries is poor quality batteries. These lead-acid batteries are frequently inexpensive. Your health is in danger if you use these batteries. As a result, you ought to only get high-quality batteries.

7. Bad Alternator:

This issue might arise if the alternator has failed or the battery has been detached from it. Regular battery checks and proper charging are required. There are numerous other reasons why a battery could die. For instance, you can experience a dead battery if the alternator malfunctions.

Bad Alternator

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What Happens If A Car Battery Died With An Interlock?

In my own experience, I’ve come to understand that if an interlock causes a car battery to die, the issue may or may not be directly linked to the interlock’s electrical consumption.

Interlocks do draw power from the battery, whether for a breath test or during idle periods. From my observations, the power consumption while the car is stationary is typically lower than during operation. However, a malfunctioning interlock could potentially exceed the necessary power draw, gradually draining the battery.

I’ve found that the probability of battery discharge increases significantly if the interlock is faulty or incompatible. Over time, batteries naturally degrade in performance, adding to the likelihood of issues.

In a situation where you attempt to start the car after taking a breath test, a weakened battery may pose challenges. It’s easy to assume the interlock is responsible for the battery failure, especially if you weren’t acquainted with the battery’s condition before.

What To Do If A Car Battery Died With An Interlock?

There is no way to start the engine if the automobile battery dies while the ignition switch is locked. It occurs as a result of the car battery’s low voltage. In my experience, if you find yourself in a situation where a car battery has died with an interlock, here are some steps you can take:

  • You should first try charging or jump-starting the battery to check if the issue still exists. If it doesn’t, the battery was likely low when you activated the interlock, and it may have just used up all of its power.
  • The car battery has a problem and must be considered if it stops working after being recharged.
  • To determine whether the battery and interlock are in excellent shape or need to be replaced or repaired, you should inspect them both.
  • Make sure the wiring is done correctly.
  • Ensure you only leave the car running when you are inside or idle for an extended period without recharging the battery.

When you employ the interlock, any of these things or more could result in a car dying. While idling, the battery might not charge by itself.

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Disadvantages Of Car Battery Dying With Interlock:

There are several drawbacks to having your car battery die due to an interlock; even if it has been proven that the likelihood of an interlock injuring your automobile is low, it is possible. As follows:

1. You Might Face Penalties:

Drivers may be compelled to retake a breath test while operating a vehicle in particular circumstances after having to do so before starting the vehicle. If the car breaks down, this won’t be possible and could be considered non-compliance.

You Might Face Penalties
source:The US sun

This won’t be possible if the car breaks down, and it can be viewed as non-compliance. If the driver breaks the law, they may face consequences.

2. Become stranded:

The car battery can start and travel a few kilometers before bursting. If the battery dies and you are left stranded in a remote area where it will be challenging to get assistance, it will be a terrible situation.

Become stranded

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ignition interlock dead battery:

To check if your battery lacks sufficient power for your Ignition Interlock Device (IID), simply examine the device itself. Press the # sign, followed by 2 on the keypad. If the battery registers below 12 volts, it may hinder the proper registration of your breath sample.

changing car battery with ignition interlock:

When replacing a car battery with an ignition interlock, be mindful that if the battery dies or is disconnected, the interlock device may register it as a potential violation due to concerns about tampering.

1. What happens if my battery dies with interlock?

When your car’s battery dies or is disconnected, the interlock device registers it as a potential violation due to the risk of tampering.

2. How do you jumpstart a car with an interlock?

Jumping a car with interlock device? To jump-start an IID-equipped vehicle with a dead battery, disconnect the handset unit before connecting jumper cables or a charger, if allowed by your state regulations.

3. Why wont my car start after interlock?

If your car won’t start after using the interlock, check the battery, as it might be low or completely dead. Sometimes, the interlock device itself can contribute to battery drain.

4. Can you charge car battery with interlock?

Charging or changing a car battery is possible even with an interlock installed. Following proper steps ensures a smooth process.

5. Why Is My Interlock Killing My Battery?

An interlock user could, on rare occasions, experience problems with their battery dying quickly. While a defective item may be to blame, some involve a damaged battery or alternator.

6. Can An Interlock Cause Electrical Problems?

Usually, “no.” It is merely wrong to assert that it is impossible because of the installation. It’s possible that damage, like the interlock device depleting the battery, can happen if the person who maintains the car needs a more precise grasp of the technical system of the car.

7. Can I Disconnect The Battery With The Interlock?

Ensure your mechanic knows that the car has an approved alcohol interlock device and that it is best to avoid disconnecting the battery for more than 20 minutes because doing so would result in a violation.

8. Do I Have To Start My Car Every Day With Intoxalock?

To fit your Intoxalock, your car’s battery must always be charged. If you don’t drive often, it’s essential to start your car at least four times a week for at least five minutes each, even if you don’t drive. It will keep the battery charged.

9. Can you put an interlock in a push start car?

Ignition interlocks can be installed in push-start cars without issues, but informing technicians in advance is crucial for efficient installation.

10. Why won’t my car start with intoxalock?

If your car won’t start with Intoxalock, ensure your battery’s health by holding down the device button for 5 seconds. Note that Intoxalock’s sleep mode feature helps conserve your battery (not available in NY, MA, and WI).


While a car’s interlock mechanism is intended to increase safety, it is not immune to malfunctions by a dead or failing battery. You can solve the problem by studying the potential causes of a car battery dying with an interlock and using the abovementioned troubleshooting techniques. Always seek the advice of a skilled professional when working with intricate electrical systems to ensure accurate diagnosis and problem-solving.

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