Why Is My Front AC Not Working But Back Is – solutions – 2023

Like other components, a car’s air conditioning system can malfunction over time. However, if the front AC is not working, but the back is, that must be a tricky challenge demanding critical analysis.

Clogged AC vents, low or leak refrigerant, a bad compressor, faulty cooling fan, faulty fuse or relay, defective blower motor or resistor, and blend door actuators failing are the causes of font AC not working, but the back is working fine.

This article will explore the causes behind why font ac is not working but back is, and also provide some beneficial solutions to you, so stay with us.

Causes Behind Front AC Not Working But Back Is:

1. Clogged AC Vent:

Clogged vents are one of the leading causes of your car’s front air conditioning not working. The vents are open spaces intended to let cold air flow into the car, but you can close or control the direction of the airflow.

Clogged AC Vent
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As a result, you or someone else may have accidentally closed these components on the dashboard; as a result, the AC is not blowing out in the front vents. The vents may also become clogged with dust or dirt over time.

2. Defective Motor Blower:

One of the crucial components of the car’s ventilation system is the blower motor. Behind the car’s dashboard is where you’ll find this fan. It is in charge of the airflow through the vents.

Electrical problems, extended use, and other variables may impact the motor’s functionality. When you switch on the air conditioner, neither hot nor cold air will blow once the blower motor has gone out. A resistor aids in the motor’s operation.

3. Leakage/Low Refrigerant (Freon):

Refrigerant is used in your car’s air conditioning system to help move cool air around the interior. Regrettably, leaks or time can cause the refrigerant level to drop.

 Leakage/Low Refrigerant (Freon)
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Therefore, it will be challenging to correctly circulate the chilly air flow when your car’s AC starts operating on a low refrigerant level. As a result, you will likely encounter instances where the front AC blows cold; the rear AC blows hot, and vice versa.

4. Bad Compressor

The refrigerant and compressor are intended to function in unison within the air conditioning system. This element’s cooperation is necessary for the refrigerant to circulate cold air effectively.

Lack of consistent use is one of the primary causes of compressor failure. It’s possible that the system was put on hold throughout the winter months to be used again in the summer. It can damage the system by shocking it.

5. Faulty Cooling Fan:

Within the air conditioning system, the condenser and cooling fan also cooperate. The fan provides the cooling required for the condenser to transform the high-pressure gas from the compressor into liquid effectively. It makes it possible for the air conditioner to create cool air.

Faulty Cooling Fan
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Therefore, if your cooling fan is broken, it will negatively affect the condenser and cause your HVAC system to malfunction in some way. This issue occasionally causes your Acura MDX rear AC to spew hot air. In some situations, only the back AC may function after the front AC stops working.

6. Faulty Fuse Or Relay:

It is important to inspect this location because broken air vents could be there. The blower motor cannot blow air through the vents when the ventilation system has a blown fuse.

It happens when a relay is malfunctioning. The blower motor operates handles by the relay. There won’t be sufficient ventilation if the engine isn’t blowing.

7. Blend Door Actuators Get Failed:

The blend door actuators will determine whether the air conditioning system in your car will blow hot or cold air. The position of the vent is managed by HVAC actuators or blend door actuators. 

Blend Door Actuators Get Failed
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You will either have hot air in the front, but no cold air in the back if those HVAC actuators are malfunctioning, or you will have cold air but no hot air. A driver-side actuator and a passenger-side actuator are both present here. The front AC won’t blow cold air if the front actuator isn’t functioning correctly. 

8. Faulty Blower Motor Resistor:

A defective blower motor resistor could cause your car’s non-working front AC system. The resistor frequently regulates the speed of the blower motor. The climate control module signals the resistor module to speed up or slow the flow of electrical current to the motor when the fan speed dial is set to low or high. 

The blower motor can only be run at high speed if the resistor fails; otherwise, it will only run at one fan speed. You will therefore receive the cool air from the rear AC system rather than the front. 

How To Fix Front AC Not Working But Back Is?

The following fixes will resolve the issues mentioned above. To get your desired outcomes, you must, however, be sure that you apply the exact answer to the precise problem.

1. Clean The Ac Vents:

First, look at the dashboard air vents in your car. If you notice dirt or dust accumulation inside the parts, get a detergent and water solution and use a foam paintbrush to clean the vents.

Clean The Ac Vents

Ensure to keep water from directly entering the vents; as a result, ensure the detergent and water solution form lather. Use a dry towel to gently wipe the vents after removing dust or debris.

2. Seal Refrigerant Leakage:

If you detect any leaky AC unit hoses when diagnosing the problem with the front AC in your car, make sure you seal them. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, kindly purchase a quality sealant at the nearby auto accessory or accessory store. It will only set you back a little money.

However, if you require assistance in executing the procedure correctly, please seek the assistance of a professional car specialist. The cost of sealant and labor will have a minimal budgetary impact.

3. Replace Bad Compressor:

You must first make sure that the AC compressor in your car doesn’t break down. To accomplish this, you must run the air conditioner for at least one 15-minute session every three weeks. Do this consistently, no matter the winter, spring, or summer season.

Replace Bad Compressor

However, if the compressor for your air conditioner is already damaged, you merely need to replace the component. Hire a reputable auto mechanic to complete the replacement ASAP.

4. Repair/Replace Faulty Cooling Fan:

The cooling fan may occasionally malfunction due to a blown fuse or electrical problem. If so, fix the electrical issues and replace the blown fuse.

However, if the cooling fan is the genuine problem, kindly get a new replacement to solve the issue right away. Implementing the remedies listed above may be helpful if the front AC on your Chrysler Town and Country is not blowing air or working.

5. Replace Faulty Fuse And Rely:

Replacing if you’ve detected any faulty fuses and relay is essential. If you cannot replace the fuse or relay, calling a mechanic is better for you.

 Replace Faulty Fuse And Rely
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6. Inspect And Replace Actuators:

Which AC is malfunctioning—the front or the back—can be determined with ease. Just turn on the heating and cooling system in your automobile. For instance, the front may receive heated air while the passenger side receives sufficient cool air flow from the AC. 

The driver-side actuator is at fault in this situation. Simply changing the front side blend door actuator will resolve the issue. The HVAC actuator will also work. 

7. Replace Blower Motor:

Even a novice can change a blower motor; it is easy. To guarantee safety, disconnect the battery before beginning this operation. Then consult the instructions to find the blower motor. The blower motor is typically located under the glovebox. 

Replace Blower Motor

The blower motor can then be accessed below the glovebox, removing the plastic covering. After that, remove the three bolts holding the blower motor in place to remove it. Install the replacement blower motor assembly last, then reassemble everything. 

8. Replace Faulty Resistor:

The resistor must be changed to resolve this problem. Fortunately, changing the blower motor resistor is easy. The instruction found below will help with resistor replacement. Call a mechanic to do it for you if you feel you need more confidence handling this task.

Replace Faulty Resistor


1. Can A Blown Fuse Cause Ac Not To Work?

A blown fuse can make the AC in a car malfunction. It is so because most of the air conditioning system is electrical. A simple electrical issue, particularly a blown fuse, can change how things operate. If you work on other areas with a blown fuse, the AC won’t run, such as cleaning the vents or topping off the refrigerants. The HVAC system’s fuse is one of its most delicate parts.

2. How Do I Know If My AC Vent Is Clogged?

Unequal temperature distribution, dust accumulation in vents, overheating, etc., are a few symptoms that indicate that your car’s AC vent is clogged. Because of the difference in temperature circulation caused by a blocked air conditioner vent, one area of the automobile will become chilly while the other will become hot. Also, carefully inspecting the vents, you might see dust accumulation.

3. Where Is The Ac Fuse Located?

The fuse for the air conditioner in a car is found within the box that connects to the air conditioner. The glass-encased wire shields the air conditioning system from electrical harm that might impair its regular operation.

4. Can A Dirty Air Filter Cause Ac Not To Cool?

Yes, a dirty air filter will prevent the air conditioner in your automobile from chilling down correctly. The air filter keeps the HVAC system clean, which also controls other contaminants from entering. This procedure purifies the air before it circulates through the air conditioning system.


In conclusion, some typical causes of front AC failure while the back is functioning, have been discussed. At the same time, the matching solutions have also been revealed. So, be sure to use the suggestions above if you are currently experiencing this problem with your car. If you are still deciding whether to do it yourself, you can also seek the assistance of professionals.

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